Bootstrap: More Components!

Let's look at more components, so that you feel more comfortable using them in your projects. Instead of going through each aspect and taking the fun out of exploring it for yourself, I will just mention the components here, based on simplicity and potential of use in the blog example we already started.


What? Cards again?

Yep, they're very versatile and allow a broad range of functionality, and customization. I especially recommend looking at the various layout options they have.


Navigation again? No, this is not the "Navbar" we looked at before, these are just "Navs" as in general navigation components.


Once your blog or website grows with a lot of content, it's useful to use "pagination" to split the content between "pages", which are not really pages, but rather just "pages" of that list.

Media Objects

Are also one way of displaying blog post lists.


Although I rarely use the "Jumbotron", it serves as the "hero" content template. Which means that this content is usually on the front page or in the leading position of the page, usually when users look at first upon arriving to the page.

The Carousel

One of the more advanced components. Try and see if you can get it to work!


You already hava website that has links to pages, that lead to pages with other links to other pages? Probably having a breadcrumb component might ease the navigation through them!

It's a bird, it's a plane.. it's breadcrumbs.

If you'd look at the top of this page, you might notice, that I have placed the breadcrumbs at the top of the page for this reason. It's literally the same component from the same Bootstrap library.

Oh, so you used Bootstrap for this whole site too?

Yes! Check the Sauce!

Is that a card at the top of the front page?

Yep. No regrets.