6. Dev Tools


  1. Getting Started with Chrome Dev Tools

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    Cool! So far we’ve looked at each of the most used languages on the web, how to write code, how to write good code and most importantly - code that others can read. So in a sense you could say that you’re ready to enter the digital jungles others have created out there in the world.

  2. Inspecting HTML and CSS

    dev toolsthe-webprogrammingbasics

    The very first thing you should learn to do with the dev tools, is inspecting HTML to understand why it does (or doesn’t) work.

  3. Simulating Mobile Devices

    dev toolsthe-webprogrammingbasics

    You probably noticed the button next to the “inspector” mode at the top of the sidebar. Quite simply, it allows you to simulate how your page will look and act on a mobile device.

  4. Taking Screenshots with Dev Tools

    dev toolsthe-webprogrammingbasics

    A very convenient feature, that I actually found out about only about a year ago, is the ability to take screenshots right there in the browser with dev tools!

  5. Debugging JavaScript with Dev Tools

    dev toolsthe-webprogrammingbasics

    So far the browser dev tools seem to have tons of cool stuff that can be done, it really changes the way you view web pages, since you can now see and interpret the “behind the scenes” stuff. The real power actually is revealed when you are working with JavaScript.