1. What is HTML?


    HTML or Hyper Text Markup Language serves as the backbone that holds all of the content of any webpage. Literally all of them.

  2. HTML Pages


    Since HTML is used to structure entire web pages, then let’s write one!

  3. HTML Layout and Styles


    In the previous post we looked at the different elements that are most commonly used in websites. Let’s talk about layout. Obviously, after the content itself, the way it is presented is the second most important thing about a website. How easy is it to find stuff, is there always a way back and similiar problems must be tackled when creating a website.

  4. Intro to CSS and Separation of Concerns


    Previously we wrote styles directly on HTML elements. That is not the most convenient way, because imagine managing 50 files like those and what amount of effort it would take to just change the font style across all of them.