ItsProgramming: Intro

Welcome to the new ItsProgramming! I've switched to an entirely different setup for the website. I went from using Wordpress to using Gatsby, a React based frontend framework and GitHub for hosting.


Because this way, it's possible for anyone who knows their way around GitHub, can participate in adding to this project.

I am personally very excited for what this choice will lead to and I hope that the world will gain value from such a resource of learning how to be practical, and be able to participate in the programming ecosystem.

So what is this all about?

This is a project that i've wanted to create for a very long time now. This is a way of me paying forward. More precisely, this is a way of me providing the "path" or "map" for anyone who is curious about programming. Something that I'd wish I had when I started out, back in early 2016.

Now it's here. It's simple as ever. It's open sourced.

It's for You.

It's a free course. Where I plan on taking you from wherever you stand in terms of programming, even if it seems a mystical art where only select mathematicians get to work with something called algorithms, to an employable level. I will break things down as simple as possible and provide context, as well as focus on the practical side.

Cool, so why free? Where's the hook?

No hook. Pure conditionless value, for whoever thinks they can or cannot do it. With this material being available, nobody can tell me that it's "impossible" for them. Honestly, if this helps atleast one person, who makes it known to me - then I have already retrieved the value I wanted, everything that follows after is just a bonus.

It's a passion project, because I self-learned this thing. I'd like to express my deepest gratitude towards anyone's material I have consumed and learned from over the course of the last few years.

Almost all of the material that I used is out there on the internet is available free of charge. Be it blogs, tutorials, videos, course sites, documentation, books and etc. I have spent a ton of time going through them, now I am compiling it into a contextualized, practical handbook or the way I like to think about it - a map.

What to expect?

I will create posts and group them into topics. I will start from the basics and work all the way up to building up a portfolio and (hopefully) beyond! In addition, I will supply content like videos, code snippets, slides for reference and more!