8. jQuery


  1. Getting Started with jQuery


    So jQuery seems like a very useful framework, let’s try it out! You probably noticed the word “query” in “jQuery”, it means “to ask for something”. So in this case you could associate this framework allowing to ask you for stuff via JavaScript more easily. When, for example you’d like something out of a database, you would “query” for it, just to give a little more context.

  2. Document Traversal and Manipulation


    The title sounds like we’re some systems scanning and manipulating documents. Which we actually are. So let’s atleast learn to do it professionally, ok?

  3. Creating and Removing Elements


    Manipulating elements is cool and all, but what if we’d like to create some? Or perhaps we have dug ourselves in too deep into the digital jungle or maze and we’d like to remove some dynamically? Let’s take a look at how it’s done both in vanilla JavaScript and jQuery.