5. The Web


  1. Code Commenting

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    We have so far looked at 3 different languages that make up the web, so we’d probably want to share our code or atleast leave some small notes about what the code does or is meant to do, or whatever else that helps you navigate that small digital jungle that you’ve created for yourself.

  2. Additional Learning: Free Sites

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    Cool! By now you should be ready to read code others have written! That also means that I am going to use this moment and share the best sites (in my opinion) that you can learn programming for free with!

  3. Additional Learning: Paid Sites

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    Here’s a list of my favorite sites that you do have to pay for, but the value returned is uncomparable. You get slide decks, transcripts, project files and tests on these sites. In my opinion, if you plan on subscribing to one, try the trial/free tier first. Then go all in and I assure you won’t regret it!

  4. Additional Learning: Free E-Books

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    Here’s a collection of great e-books regarding programming that are not only for beginners, but also cover more advanced topics too:

  5. Styleguides and Global Web Standards

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    A very underrated topic, that I literally haven’t seen being mentioned in any beginners course. So let me be the one to mention it.