Additional Learning: Free E-Books

Here's a collection of great e-books regarding programming that are not only for beginners, but also cover more advanced topics too:

The GitHub Collection

Here's a GitHub repo (version controlled folder, stored in the cloud, full name - repository) that has a massive collection of free e-books. This is essentially a list, that's crowdsourced from many different developers, to provide a comprehensive list of many different topics and skill levels.

Just by looking at it, you can start to grasp how far have we come in terms of software development. Don't look at it too long though, you might catch something that's called "analysis paralysis".

Of course I could end the post here, but instead I will highlight some of my favorite books below:

Eloquent JavaScript

Eloquent JavaScript is a great book, which I have to admit, I haven't finished yet, but it seems to explain the topics very well. It's also free!


Pro Git is a book, that is everything regarding version control. I haven't mentioned it so far in this course, but we will look at it later. Either way, this is a great resource to learn how version control works.

The C# Yellow Book

This is a great primer for learning a so called "backend" language! C# is used in Microsoft technologies. It is an industry standard language for large and medium companies, that allows you to develop countless things: websites, desktop software, games, cloud solutions and much, much more.

Honorable Mention: Humble Bundle

I've seen Humble Bundle have bundles on programming e-books pretty frequently, they also allow you to choose how much you pay. While not entirely free, the amount of potentially saved money if that is the main obstacle for you, is very significant. I have bought many bundles of books, donating to many different charities, so even if the books don't make it past your purchase library - hey, atleast you donated to charity.