Additional Learning: Free Sites

Cool! By now you should be ready to read code others have written! That also means that I am going to use this moment and share the best sites (in my opinion) that you can learn programming for free with!

I am fully aware that I am not the best teacher. Or the worst. Definitely not the only one you should listen to.

Starting this list off with one of my favorites, the good folks at FreeCodeCamp have written content spanning over 2k hours, of learning content. Let that sink in. I have spent a good amount of hours there, I still do. Keep in mind, that you are not a good developer if you hold all of the code in your head. You're a good developer, if you have an idea on how to approach a problem and you feel confident enough to execute it. So practicing your basics for as long as you want is nothing to be ashamed of or to be disregarded as unimportant, for that matter.

The content is free too, which is amazing, but you can donate as well, to keep the project running.

My second favorite, I've spent quite a fair amount of learning math in here too. They have tons of great content spanning a wide range of subjects. They're constantly adding more stuff in too. The best part? They've turned learning tedious subjects, like math into a game, by having you earn points after finishing lessons and keeping up daily streaks! I definitely suggest checking them out.

Although they are generally a paid site, they still have 180h of free content and were of great help when I was tackling JavaScript in the beginning. Here are the links to the relevant free stuff, in case you're having trouble finding it:


I will be adding more as I remember them or come across new ones!