Additional Learning: Paid Sites

Here's a list of my favorite sites that you do have to pay for, but the value returned is uncomparable. You get slide decks, transcripts, project files and tests on these sites. In my opinion, if you plan on subscribing to one, try the trial/free tier first. Then go all in and I assure you won't regret it!


This is my current favorite that I am using. They have the full package. As I mentioned above, you get paths prepared for you to advance through topics, you get slide decks from the videos, transcripts from the entire video, project files and more! It's literally crazy. I love them! I might be biased, though.

I love them even more, since they decided to provide their courses for free during all of April (still have a week to go) due to the Covid-19 pandemic. I highly recommend to try their courses out!


I've seen courses having deals on the internet since like forever for them. They also offer a 30 day trial due to Covid-19 and host massive amounts of courses. Be careful though, not all courses, by definition, are good. With that amount though, I believe they must have good stuff in there as well.


I've heard good things about Treehouse, they have notable partnerships with tech giants like Google, IBM, Amazon and Microsoft and they also have a 7 day free trial for you to try out! I haven't used it personally, but thought that they are worth a mention in this list.


I will be adding more as I remember them or come across new ones!