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Getting Started With Git
2021.05.09 (4 min)
After viewing the bigger picture of version control, let's get practical and create our own version controlled project! To keep things…
2021.04.25 (4 min)
CSS is used to make content responsive, as in - adjust the size or position according to the device or more precisely, the screen that it's…
What is Version Control?
2021.04.25 (3 min)
A very important concept to understand if you are going to work in a team environment. Also very useful to keep your own code tidy or store…
2021.04.24 (2 min)
As much as we'd like to use every possible element and make our sites super advanced with media and scripts, it's ultimately about…
2020.12.10 (1 min)
The project layout should now start to make sense. We have a bunch of files in the main folder left, so let's go over them. Starting with…
Folder Structure
2020.12.10 (2 min)
Previously we took a look at the index.html file, now let's look at what else is in the .zip from the HTML5 Boilerplate project. Folders We…
2020.12.10 (4 min)
The project layout should now start to make sense. We have a bunch of files, which I call "metadata" in the main folder. They usually…
HTML Best Practices
2020.12.04 (7 min)
By now it should be clear as to what HTMLs main purpose is. It's also important to reach out and see what best practices people implement…
Career Choices
2020.12.04 (4 min)
As 2020 draws to a close, I figured it would be useful to take a look at all the lucrative career choices that are currently out there in…
Website Types
2020.12.03 (4 min)
Obviously given the massive strides in how technology has evolved, there are multiple types of websites out there. So let's overview the…