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2021.06.13 (5 min)
By now you probably realize that there's countless of ways to combine technologies, to make websites work. It's important to make sure that…
2021.05.24 (1 min)
Perhaps you have already encountered this file in some git repo. It simply tells git to skip specific files or folders. Like you probably…
NPM Commands
2021.05.23 (3 min)
Let's look at other stuff that you can do with npm! Versions Since the package.json file contains the versions that we want for the…
Using NPM
2021.05.22 (4 min)
Let's now import some libraries that we already know of and import them into our project! Starting Fresh Create a new folder anywhere and…
2021.05.21 (4 min)
You probably have already tried out some cool JavaScript libraries by now. As you also have noticed, each one comes with a version, so they…
2021.05.20 (4 min)
So how does the CLI help us in web development, exactly? The previous two posts are meant to get you comfortable with using the CLI. Now…
CLI Commands
2021.05.19 (3 min)
CLI is a very powerful tool, what it lacks in shiny buttons, it makes up for in productivity. Not for the faint of heart, but definitely for…
What is a CLI?
2021.05.18 (4 min)
So far we've mostly interacted with software by using buttons, also known as the GUI - General User Interface. The other way to use software…
Bootstrap 5
2021.05.17 (2 min)
As of 05.05.2021 Bootstrap 5 was released! With it, many changes have been done and to ease your transition (aka migration) you can view the…
Git Branches
2021.05.15 (3 min)
So far we have worked only on one branch, which is by default called the "master" branch. It's the one you selected when returning to the…